On-Page Optimization for SEO

  •                                 Mar 29 ,2019

When it comes to On-Page optimization for SEO, all think about Keywords, Meta Description, Meta Title. But there are many more processes on On-Page.

What is On-Page Optimization for SEO???

– On-Page Optimization is the first process of SEO. Without On-Page moving forward to the SEO process will be only a waste of time. On-Page Optimization means optimizing your website from your back-End. On-Page Optimization needs the following optimization in your site:-

1. Keywords Optimization

It is the first process where a unique keyword should be researched for your website. Research targeted keywords for the best category of your niche or website.

There are many free keyword research tools like Ubersuggest, Google keyword planner, SEMrush, Ahref.

(Google Keyword Planner)

Google Keyword Planner



Searching for a unique, high volume with low or medium competition keyword will help the website or targeted page to rank in the SERPs.

2. Heading Tag Optimization

Your Heading of the content should be optimized by inserting targeted keywords. Without a keyword in Heading Tag, Google can’t index and crawl your web page properly. A good heading with your keywords makes the first impression.

3. Content Optimization

I say, “Content is King”. Giving focus and time to write the content will make your content attractive. The main motive of your customer to visit your site is to get your product or services, and that can only be expressed with your powerful content.

Use your keywords 2 times in your content. One in your first paragraph and another in your paragraph. Your content should have a passive voice maximum of 10%. It should have at least one internal link and outbound link. Your content should have a maximum of 40% Flesch reading ease. And your content should also have many consecutive sentences.

4. Site Loading Speed Optimization

Your Site Loading Speed is the main process during On-Page SEO. If your site loading speed is slow you will surely lose your potential customers. Your site loading speed should be 4-5 sec. Many sites become slow due to fewer quality images. Try to make your images of low resolutions.

5. Image Optimization

Last but not least! Image Optimization is the last process of your On-page SEO. All image contains ALT Tag. ALT Tag defines your image. Search Engine bots can’t understand your image. So, describing your image in ALT Tag will help Search Engines to crawl and index your page properly.

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