On-Page Optimization for SEO

  •                                 Mar 29 ,2019

No doubt there are the most common issues that have to be handled on on-page SEO. If you are thinking about how to perform on-page optimization for SEO then stop searching. When you want to go through SEO, on-page optimization is the basic step. 

What is On-page SEO?

On-page SEO also stands for On-site SEO is the way of optimization which you include and manage on your site. It helps you to grow traffic to your website, more conversions, and make search ranking higher. Effective on-page needs the fusion of various factors.

Description of the most essential on-page factors that you should implement on your site for optimization are:-

  • Keywords Optimization

It is the technique of finding, selecting, and evaluating the most suitable keywords to target good traffic to your site from search engines. It is the key vital method for starting on-page SEO. All your effort will be neglected if you choose targeted keywords badly. So, you have to handle the keyboard very carefully.

Some of the SEO tools for keyword research include Soovle, Jaaxy, SECockpit.

  • Heading Tag Optimization

The heading of your website’s content can indirectly affect your rankings if you make your content more enjoyable and easier for readers to read and talking about the content for search engines, you have to give proper keywords which are likely to be searched by the visitors. Some of the best ways to use heading tags are using an h1 tag not more than 1 and making them look interesting.  

  • Content Optimization

You should have known the importance of marketing your brand if you are an owner of a large or small business. Basically, it is the process of informing search engines in such a way that it will understand your business properly.  You have to give the important data to the page and search engines will utilize it to find out what your content is all about. 

Optimizing content is not difficult as it is supposed to be initially. Even though the websites that appear at  first may have professionals working at the back but if you are a beginner then you can also enhance your website ranking on search engines when you apply the following topics:

  1. Write suitable content 
  2. Posting new content constantly
  3. Optimizing texts, videos
  • Site Loading Speed Optimization

There can be many problems that cause more load time on your site. And it makes you sure that you have lots of steps to follow for improving your page speed.

One of the steps that can optimize the loading speed of your site is by minimizing HTTP requests in which it will look at your files and watch if those files are unnecessary and boost the speed of your website if the number of requests is reduced. If you are looking for another way to boost your website, then it can also be done by deferring JavaScript loading. I can surely say that your content will load without  lagging if you put off the larger files like JavaScript 

  • Optimize your URLs

Optimizing your URLs is the next item on our list of on-page SEO activities. URLs are used by search engines to know the relevance of your page. You should optimize your URLs if you want to rank your page higher in relevant search results. it’s hard for search engines and users to know the context of your page if you don’t have a clear URL. if your URL looks like www.baker.com/fnsj/ejnf-een3234/744sdhsr4  it’s hard for your audience to find out what the URL is all about.

If you optimize your URL and provide context to it, audiences who come to visit your page can figure out what they get from it. The optimized URL looks like www.baker.com/recipes/bread/brown-bread. It is a more understandable form of URL than the URL given before.

  • Image Optimization

Images are one of the important factors which make your content more attractive, easy to access, and users engaging. Images provide the search engine the contextual information which is crucial. Optimizing the images will make page loading faster which will make a good impact on the ranking and user engagement of your site. It can be done by resizing the images used on your page.

  • Use Internal Links

You’ll frequently hear about implementing internal links if you are learning how to perform on-page SEO. Internal links are links on your page that take you to other pages of your own website. It is a fundamental requirement of SEO because Internal links assist search engines in discovering new pages on your site and indexing them in search results in order to rank them and allow users to stay on your website for a longer period of time. 

  • Give Responsive Website Design

Mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, will be used to access your site.  Providing a poor mobile experience is very risky for you and probably the audience will not visit your website if it is not suitable for mobile devices. From the context of a web browser, a poor mobile experience is harmful to your SEO because Google operates on a mobile-first index, which means that Google considers the mobile version of your site when ranking you in search results.

  • Search Intent

Google has gotten significantly better over the years at determining what the audience is looking for without depending only on SEO factors. Search intent has become a more important factor, frequently outweighing traditional factors such as heading, title, links, and other SEO fundamentals.

  • SEO Writing

SEO writing involves creating content that is optimized for both users and search engines. Publishing solid SEO content requires a strategy that is more than just keyword research and filling in the blanks. Producing content for the sake of producing content is not enough. You have to remember that you are creating content for people, so it must be of high quality, relevant, and substantial.


Lastly, I would like to tell you that there are many techniques regarding on-page SEO. Here are some of the techniques that I think are the top 9 best SEO techniques among them all. If you find something I have to include related to this topic then feel free to comment down there. Good feedback will be appreciated.

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