Website Development in Nepal

  • Mar 15 ,2019

Website Development in Nepal is a nation toiling for proper development in every aspect. Nepal is considered backward in many aspects of development and it actually is. But the way that Information Technology has grasped the world, even for its underdeveloped platform, Nepal could only follow in the footsteps of the nations where IT has boomed over the past decade.

Many businesses are choosing to get in on the act of developing websites. This is because a website allows a business to present itself to a global audience. Information Technology has no limits; the Internet has no limits. It also has various other benefits like 24X7 availability and drawing new customers among others. For more details on benefits involved in building websites: visit this blog on “7 reasons to build a Website”.

These benefits have catapulted the number of website design and development sites in Nepal. Not only in Nepal, but the business of website development also skyrocketed all over the world in the last decades.

The competition in the Nepali market for website design and development has increased on a yearly basis with the number of companies that have been registered. There is also a freelancer who bids for building a website and pull some strings to capture a project of website development.

There are also middle-man/brokers who pocket a fair share for outsourcing this type of website development project.

The quality and the wonderful designs of a website depend on what type of company/person you’re handing out your project to. There are a lot of companies that are willing to make “just for showcasing” sites. They have very low functionality. These peoples who just want their sites for showcasing build a website so that they can print it in their cards. They want something to pop up when someone hits their site or visits their site once. That’s it! What a shame!

Website designs and developments have more potential than just displaying some colors, two images, and sentences that do not mean that there are no intelligent clients across Nepal. There are those who understand a website’s right value. A website is a mirror of an organization. How you present your website with a quality design will leave an impression on your possible client’s mind.

Imagine yourself visiting a company website to get a proper grip on the services they provide in the market. If the site you visited is bulky, taking too much time for load, out-of-order with poor navigation and user interface, will that make a good impression on your mind? I think not. And will you contact them for real Business? I think you will not.

On the contrary, if the website you visited is user-friendly, clean (no ads popping up all over the place), responsive, and well designed, you will surely have a very good impression. Why? Because you know now that they care for your ease and comfort. This will also indicate another thing: they are a good person to do business with. If they care for possible future customers, imagine how much they will care for the real customers. And will you give them a call, ring, or email them? I will leave this one to you.

So if you’re willing to build a website, better loosen those purse strings just a tad bit more. Your investment will actually be returned by the business you’ll drive from your websites.

But before you do that, you’ll probably have to find a good website developer. You need to do some research. Look for the reviews and testimonials of their previous clients. Testimonials alone should not be proof of quality services only. THEY CAN BE EASILY MANIPULATED. Contact the real person, if you can, to get feedback, check its products, about the company you are considering.

When you find a developer or a company you can trust, collaborate with them to build a website that will ensure quality websites with quality codes. If you choose not to go hand in hand with the design and development, you might actually lose a lot of time to redesign it if you don’t like it. So, we suggest you continuously work with the developers.

If you have got hold a good company, then you should not have to worry on this front because the good companies continuously communicate with their clients to collect the requirements and extra services as per their client’s request. For clients and services providers like website designing and development offers a very interesting and potent prospect. This business does not seem like it will phase out in the foreseeable future and also in the near future. 

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