7 Characteristics of a Good Website

  • Mar 03 ,2019

When it comes to Developing/Designing a website, you must consider various things. From Code Standard to Functionality, User-Friendly to Search Traffic, multiple approaches are required to meet a quality website. In this competitive market, the development of a quality and optimized website is irrefutable. For these qualities, developers and designers must work together to make magic happen, which enables everyone to plan more effectively. In this article, we will discuss the 7 Characteristics of a Good Website. Ultrabyte International is the best place for Web design in Kathmandu, where you can fulfill your organization’s desire for the best website. We present you with the best and fully responsive and mobile-friendly website.

7 Characteristics of a Good and Optimized Website

Characteristics of a Good Website

1. Clean and Well Design

When a visitor visits a website, the foremost thing, without a doubt, they look at is website design. The website design represents your Company or Product. It is essential to consider visually appealing website designs for having a good website. The website is a means to impress a potential customer viewpoint of a Product. And design can do that. After all, the first impression is the last.

Some of the critical elements of design are Layout, Navigation, Color, Graphics, Fonts, and Contents. Remember, the design is more than just representing your Company or Product, a quality Web Design also affects the Search Engine Rankings. A website with a clean design is more likely to Rank High in SEO. We provide clean website designs in Kathmandu.

2. Feasibility and Easy to Use

While developing a website, it is strongly recommended to know the purpose of your website, who your customer is, and how easy the website is for them to use. The website should enhance user satisfaction by improving usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided by interaction between the user and the product. That’s why User Experience (UX) is necessary to build such a platform.

Feasibility includes Navigation Hierarchy, Less Loading Time, SEO-friendly Content, User-Friendly Links, and more. Always check how effective UX on your site is. If you don’t have this feature, you need to hire someone with user experience to improve your website’s efficiency.

3. SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization, or simply SEO, is a powerful technique that helps get traffic from Search Engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This technique also facilitates your website to rank higher than other thousands of websites in response to the search query in Search Engines. Following the powerful SEO tips can also help boost traffic to your website.

Clean Design and UX alone is not enough in building a website. The site also needs to be optimized using SEO tips to earn more traffic. Otherwise, all the efforts in design and UX will be in vain. Responsive web design in Kathmandu index site pages faster.

Also, the content on the website should be fresh and search engine optimized. Users come to your website for quality content. They’re usually seeking something specific. Users may seek a solution to a query, a product to buy, entertainment, or anything else on a particular website.

Your website’s material could be in text, audio, or video format. The specifics of what constitutes “excellent” content will vary based on the sort of website and the content you give. Still, quality content must always suit the demands of your users and provide them with whatever they’re looking for.

4. Responsive and Mobile Friendly

Responsive design allows a site’s layout to change following the device’s size being used to view. In short, a device with different width displays a different website structure. So why is Responsive Web Design important? The foremost importance of Responsive design is improving the website’s conversion rates. By optimizing for mobile, the user can browse the site faster, smarter, and better way so it would be less costly than original browsing. After all, Happy customers mean Happy business. Without a doubt, optimizing for mobile increases the site’s search engine ranking.

5. Social Media Integration

If you are developing a website and want to proceed to the next level, you must apply the Social Marketing Advertisement Technique. In this current world, everyone has technology devices right at their fingertips, and Social Networking Services like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter are overgrowing day by day. Social media are crucial to Search Engine Rankings. You can deliver your product effectively to a large audience through Social Media. Web Design in Kathmandu and a perfect responsive design always please people to share the website’s content.

These days, various Social Sharing Plugins are available over the internet for free. Using CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others, it’s easier to integrate the Plugins with just a few clicks. And be careful while choosing Social media. Don’t add unnecessary Social Sharing Media options. Otherwise, the users get irritated and jump out of your website right away.

6. Browser Compatibility

The number of internet browsers and their versions is overgrowing day by day in this innovative technology world. When creating a website, it is a headache to ensure it is compatible with all browsers. Many users are still using old internet browsers like Internet Explorer. You should develop the website to load correctly, and the layout doesn’t change in all major browsers. Failing to reach this milestone may lead to a slight loss in business before inattention.

7. Effective Security

Your website is your Storefront, Brand, Business, and often you approach your customer via the website. If it’s not safe and secure, then all your business will be doomed. The relationship between your customer and product is also over. With the rise of HACKERS is growing day by day, the threats and vulnerabilities come from many sources infecting malware to the whole website, which leads to stealing all the information and data of customers and the website itself. Then you know what happens next !!

However,  there are also various Techniques for Securing Websites from hackers. One of the essential bases is protecting your website with a strong username and password and choosing a trusted hosting server. You can also implement SSL protocol on your website for a robust and secure channel between server and client.


These are the seven characteristics of a good website. There are other numerous Major Characteristics to be considered while building a Quality Website. To improve customer satisfaction and product fame, follow the above Seven Steps. We assure you’ll see the changes on your website in no time.

If you think we are missing the major points, comment on the form below. We always welcome suggestions and improvements. 

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