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  • Apr 01 ,2019

Color is an important component of good web design and should be chosen carefully. It goes without saying that brand recognition and color go hand in hand – and the choices you make can impact how potential customers view your business. Like any other component in web design, a color is an important tool in the designer’s toolbox that can make or break a website. Web Design Color is an important element for any website. In fact, it is one of the most influential tools – followed by shapes, symbols, and then words. Colour can be used to attract attention, convey meaning, and enhance the appeal of your site. Yet it’s important to know the meaning behind color symbolism and people’s interpretation of color meaning. Understanding the meaning of color the subconscious and subliminal effect that color can have on an emotional state will help capture the attention of the website viewer gives better clarity and power to the web design.

Does the color that we choose really matter to website design?

The importance of color design links directly from the significance of color to the human mind. Color creates ideas, makes the mood, expresses messages, spark interest, and generates certain emotions. Bright colors can set a happy and positive mood, whereas dark colors tend to project the opposite. Inside the psychology of colors, pleasant colors show anticipation, positivism, and creativity; cool colors symbolize relaxation, calmness, and harmony.

Choosing colors for a website is not just choosing any random color which we prefer but we have to take into consideration the theme and idea a website wants to provide. Those colors that work well individually may not be as appealing together as they are individual. By considering the color combination as both a science, seeing how colors work together literally, and as an art, by seeing what colors symbolize and what meaning a color portrays psychologically and emotionally, the correct color combination for your website design can be achieved.

Here we talk about the meaning some colors portray.

1. Red

– color represents passion, action, ambition, energy, and determination, danger. It also grabs attention easily.

2. Orange

– is the color of social communication, creativity, and positivity.

3. Yellow

– evokes cheerfulness, creativity, and fun. From a negative color meaning, it can also suggest impatience, criticism, and cowardice.

4. Green

– symbolizes prosperity, self-reliance, wealth, and reflects nature.

5. Blue

– implies honesty, integrity, trust, and peace.

6. Black

– conjures authority, power, hidden, and control. 

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