How does Search Engines work?

  •                                 Feb 24 ,2019
In this article you will learn about How does Search Engines work? But before starting, it is important to know what a Search Engine really is? In simple words, a Search Engine is basically a set of programs, where we enter our content, and the Search Engine gives the information related to that content in various forms like a different website, images, and videos. Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo are some of its examples. Here you can learn how does Search Engines work?

The working of Search Engine:

There are various activities that a search engine does to process the result or search. These are the process involved in the working of a search engine.


It is the process of getting all the web pages linked to a website. This task is performed by software called a crawler or a spider. Like Googlebot for Google, Yahoo slurp for Yahoo, and Bing bot for Bing.


It is the process of generating an index for all the fetched web pages and placing them into a huge database from where it can later be retrieved. The process of indexing is identifying the words and expressions that best describe the page and assigning the page to particular keywords.


It is basically a step to step process where a search request is sent, and the search engine checks and processes it. It then compares the search string that is present in the search request with the indexed pages in the database.

Calculating Relevancy

There is a very high chance that more than one page contains the same searched string, so the search engine starts calculating the relevancy of each of the pages in its index to the search string.

Retrieving Results

It is the last step where a search engine displays the best-matched results. Basically, it is nothing more than simply displaying them in the browser.

There are a lot of algorithm rules involved in this search process and Google, Yahoo often updates their algorithm. So it is observed that results vary for the same content, searching after some time interval. That is why you must know about the Search Engine before you start doing SEO for your website.  You can also check out our blog to learn more about What is SEO? & how SEO works for websites?

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