Why Database Optimization is Necessary?

  • Mar 03 ,2019

Everyone is familiar with a Database concept but not everybody knows what “Database Optimization” does. Also, most of the Database administrations and analysts have the misconception regarding Optimization. I have seen my own pals, who know how to run the optimization but have no idea why they are doing it.

I used to think Database Optimization is all about managing the Speed or Load time of the Web Pages. But one day I came to find out that it is more than that. I’ll try to explain the best I can though I am not a Database expert. Please, help me out with my idea if I’m wrong. So why database optimization is necessary for every website?

Before we start, we should first OBSERVE a complete picture of DataBase Optimization on What it does, How it Affects our site, and What are its Benefits?

The Oxford dictionary meaning of DATABASE is “A structured set of data held in a computer, especially one that is accessible in various ways.”

Oxford dictionary defines OPTIMIZATION as “The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource”.

In general and in computer terms, the definition is similar.

How Does Database work? And what Optimization does?

As we know, all the database information is stored in files or we say tables in web terms. When a query to delete a post or any other piece of data is executed, it removes the selected data from the table. When this happens, it, therefore, leaves the empty space in the file which takes up a few bytes unnoticed. After a time, this space adds up to huge space and can impact heavily on MySQL or Website performance. That is why we run optimization to clean up those empty spaces, not technically reducing database size.

Sometimes your DB tables can contain a lot of allocated but unused space which is usually created after many plugins installations and deletions. This will, in turn, increases the overhead on your DB and effectively puts it in a non-optimal state.

In conclusion, when the database optimization technique is performed, it does not really reduce your database size but it deletes all the spaces and reclaims the DB size. Therefore, many big companies hire separate Database analysts especially for the Database for the better performance of the site.

Advantages of Database Optimization

Now we have a brief picture of how optimization works in a database. Still, many developers, designers, and database analysts think that the optimization is only for Web Page Load time Speed and faster response time. But the Universal truth is “the sole purpose of DB optimization is to retrieve data/information quickly”. The optimization, however, has other benefits as well. Some of the Pros of Optimizing DB as far as I know from general research are:

  1.  Faster Processing query
  2. High performance of the System
  3. Efficient use of the Database engine
  4. Consumption of less memory
  5. Reduces data redundancy and updating errors
  6. Improves Data Security
  7. Saves database memory sizes

In contrast, there are, however, few disadvantages of Optimization too. Database optimization is not as easy as pie. It sometimes destroys your system like a slow virus. It is time-consuming, difficult, and complex too. If not performed efficiently and effectively, without a doubt, the business of your product will fall into pieces in no time. Furthermore, initial training is required for all the programmers as well as users. It is costly but it’s worth the value.


It is always necessary and a must to back up your database before processing further for optimization. This technique should be followed from time to time for good website performance. So, therefore, Database Optimization is necessary for every dynamic website. 

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