My 10 Months in Ultrabyte: Learnings, Unlearnings, and Experiences

  • Nov 06 ,2022

Hey everyone. I’m Deepti, and I’ve worked at Ultrabyte for a while. About 10 months ago, I started working at Ultrabyte as a Content Writer with some decent aspirations and a strong sense of determination. A new employee expected to learn something new every day when she joined the company!

Even now, I continue to learn something new every day after so many months in Ultrabyte. I’ve picked up a lot by being here and working with some understanding seniors and amazing team members. Something that the young Deepti at the time could only have envisioned.

What are the Key Lessons I Have Learned Throughout My Employee Journey?

Let me share some of the key lessons I’ve learned throughout my employee journey that have shaped who I am today. Hopefully, you can take away something useful by the end of this blog.

1. Understanding User’s Attitudes

Although the phrase “user persona” is typically used in sales and design to understand the flow of the feature, writers should also be aware of it. A content writer’s typical behavior is the propensity to complete the work at hand and gauge the needs using the feature’s flow.

Although the instructions are straightforward, considering the user who must complete the form can help you comprehend its purpose.

Consider the type of data the user will provide and what they anticipate seeing after submitting the form. “What will the outcome be utilized for?” You can learn more about the significance of the features you are designing by asking questions like these.

It aided me in figuring out various nuances before actually beginning to construct the feature. I gained expertise and became more involved in engaging with clients about new features. Through this collaboration, we can anticipate unforeseen problems and assist clients in developing innovative concepts for the future.

2. Do Your Research Before You Ask for Assistance

One of the important lessons I picked up was to always ask for assistance when I needed it. Asking for assistance will help you and your team save time, especially when you are learning something new or just starting something new.

However, be sure to make the most of the time you’re requesting from others before you question why or how to do some research. Find out if we already do things in a particular way or the optimal approach. A sense of learning will be enabled, and fresh ideas will be brought to the table by doing this initially.

Following your learning, the concepts you share may offer a fresh viewpoint on the situation. Regardless of whether your theories are flawed or useless, you still learn something new that will be useful in the future.

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3. Avoid Getting Stuck on Solving Problems in One Go; Try Different Approaches

When I first started, my main worry was that I wouldn’t be able to finish my work perfectly. As a result, I lost myself in the best writing standards established by the sector in my initial attempt to locate the ideal answer. After all, there are so many standards that frequently contradict themself.

Additionally, there are occasions when the feature you are working on is so complex that it is nearly hard to understand all edge cases simultaneously. After some time, I realized it is usually preferable to nail down the functionality before adding the standard and refining the content.

Doing your public relations review before distributing it to others is another thing that helps to add the finishing touches. Before someone else points them out, try to identify any dry and solid recommended practices that are lacking.

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4. Don’t Confine Yourself to a Single Role

I suppose it depends on the company you work for and whether an opportunity of this nature comes your way. I have had numerous opportunities to participate in various projects and work with a wide range of clients because of Ultrabyte.

My team at Ultrabyte helped me understand processes and people management a great deal. Since my job is as a writer, I wouldn’t have learned all that until at least a few more years into my career if I had restricted myself to just writing.

My constant motivation to improve and scale new heights comes from molding young brains and their excitement.

No one should, in my opinion, limit oneself to a single role. We are just starting to find ourselves as we start our professions; therefore, not confining ourselves to a “designation” can help us discover what we truly love to accomplish!

5. Share Your Knowledge and Achievements While Praising and Supporting Others

I find activism challenging because I experience imposter syndrome all the time. But in the long run, telling your success story is crucial. During the assessment process, supporting your accomplishments with evidence from your experience and facts is essential.

Don’t forget to speak up for the members of your team and those in your immediate vicinity at the same time. You can share their blog posts or videos with others to increase their audience once published. After all, other people might experience imposter syndrome as well. If you show others gratitude, perhaps someday they’ll return the favor.

Understanding the people you work with and having empathy for your team members and clients is, in my opinion, the most crucial thing. It will aid in your comprehension of the product you are creating and the people on your team. Understanding one another is the secret to everyone’s success.

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