List of Top IT Companies in Nepal 2022

  • Feb 07 ,2022

What are the top IT companies in Nepal? In the IT sector, Nepal is slowly but steadily gaining ground. Since the previous decade, Nepal’s government and international organizations have shown a strong interest in technology.

Our neighbours, China and India, are already the world’s Tech Giants, having achieved a great deal of remarkable technological accomplishment. They have multi-billion-dollar technology firms with offices all over the world.

Slowly, Nepal is focusing more on the IT sector. Nepal has advanced and thrived in digital marketing and technology during the previous ten years, which has proven to be a crucial step in the country’s development.

What services are provided by IT companies in Nepal?

Information technology is a vital component of every industry worldwide. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driven by IT solutions, which constitute its foundational component.

There is no disputing the reality that practically every company’s basis is built on information technology. The next query is, “What kinds of IT services are needed?”

There are many IT services available, and your choice will mostly depend on your industry or specialty, products and services, budget, data storage needs, compliance and security requirements, and, in the end, your business goals.

IT services are crucial because they give organizations access to technological resources and tools to automate routine chores and operational procedures.

In other words, IT services are the application of business and technical skills to aid enterprises of all sizes in the development, administration, enhancement, and accessibility of information and business processes.

The types of IT services you can benefit from are as follows:

  1. Hardware and software support
  2. Mobile device management
  3. Network Infrastructure Management
  4. Data storage and management
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Cloud services
  7. Technology training
  8. IT Consulting
  9. SEO and Digital Marketing
  10. Website Design
  11. Graphic Design
  12. Software Development

What Are the Top IT Companies in Nepal?

People in Nepal are gradually becoming more technologically aware. Nepal is home to a slew of IT enterprises. However, most Nepali IT firms are developing the product outside of the nation. If you’re seeking some fantastic IT firms in Nepal, look no further. The following is a list of Top IT Companies in Nepal.

This is merely a listing, not a ranking!

Ultrabyte International Pvt. Ltd.

Ultrabyte International Pvt. Ltd. is a revenue-generating B2B (business to business) project firm in Maitidevi, Kathmandu, specializing in web development, graphic designing, digital marketing, and SEO. Ultrabyte has been providing high-quality IT services for over a decade and has earned the trust of a large number of customers.

This software company’s immediate success has been selecting experienced professionals as team members and offering a fantastic working environment for its employees. They want to be the best in the IT industry by combining technical, conceptual, and human talents.

The services provided by this company are listed below:

  • Software and application development
  • Web design and development
  • Data processing, analysis, and reporting
  • UI/UX design services
  • Quality Graphics Designing
  • Digital Marketing and SEO
  • Creating Social Media Profiles
  • Blogs and SEO-friendly content writing

The primary goal of their key accomplishments is to:

  1. For the past eight years, Ultrabyte International Pvt.Ltd has supplied high-quality software and web development services.
  2. The core motto of Ultrabyte is to inspire other businesses with its outstanding IT solutions.
  3. Regular feedback, quality maintenance, and the ongoing desire to deliver exceptional output are the primary keys to success.
  4. Ultrabyte International Pvt. Ltd. is a group of experienced and certified people that are actively trying to help Nepal’s IT sector grow.
  5. Even in a challenging situation like the Covid-19 Pandemic, this software company is determined to promote and maintain regular and ongoing development.

Fusemachines Inc

With over 240 people worldwide, Fusemachines Inc is one of Nepal’s largest corporations. This company provides students and corporations with onsite and online AI education programs. They also help businesses develop AI products and solutions by delivering AI talent and strategic consultancy.


  • Software Development
  • AI Training Programs
  • IOS App Development
  • AI Solutions
  • Web Development

Address: Aarya Tara Business Tower, Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Phone No.: +977-1-4168530, 4168744


Cotiviti Nepal

Verscend Technologies is another name for Cotiviti Nepal. In Nepal, the American software corporation is one of the biggest IT firms. This firm specializes in healthcare informatics solutions.


  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

Address: Hattisar, Kathmandu

Phone: +977-1-4435625


Deerwalk Inc.

Deerwalk, an IT firm based in the United States, was created in 2010. It focuses on several software solutions, including Population Health Management, Data Management, and Healthcare Analytics. Third-Party Administrators, Brokers & Consultants, Employers & Providers, Health Plans, Accountable Care Organizations, Care Management & Wellness organizations can benefit from Big Data and NoSQL products and services. It is considered to be one of the top IT companies in Nepal.


  • Plan analytics and reporting
  • Population and Health Management
  • Data warehousing
  • Plan design modeling
  • Software development
  • Health risk assessment

Address: Sifal, Kathmandu

Phone: +977-1-4485429


Leapfrog Technology Inc.

Leapfrog Technology Inc. is a company in Nepal that focuses on product engineering, data engineering, and AI. Another prominent Nepalese business working in AI and healthcare is Leapfrog Technology Inc. This business was established in 2010. With AI, Leapfrog Technology Inc can help you expand your business. Leapfrog may be the most excellent option for seeking a digital healthcare product.


  • Mobile App Development
  • Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • AI Solutions
  • Healthcare Product
  • Natural Language Processing

Address: Siddhi Mani Bhawan, Charkhal Rd, Dillibazar, Kathmandu


F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd.

F1Soft International Pvt. Ltd. is a company in Nepal that provides IT services including software development.

Since 2004, F1Soft has been providing software development and IT services. This company is primarily focused on developing transaction banking systems such as Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Tab Banking, Card Management, and other digital technologies. F1Soft is the parent firm of Esewa, Nepal’s most popular digital wallet, and online payment system.


  • Software Development
  • Banking System
  • Digital Wallet
  • Web Development

Address: M&S Tower, Pulchowk, Nepal

Phone:  01-5439131


Verisk Nepal

Verisk Nepal is a risk analysis IT support and software development firm situated in Hattisar, Kathmandu, and is a subsidiary of IOS, a risk analysis firm. Since 2009, the company has also looked after a foreign customer in Nepal who specializes in IT projects and business procedures. Customers’ applications are designed, developed, tested, and maintained by this company. More than 300 professionals work with Verisk Nepal.

When it comes to handling and managing massive amounts of data, the Verisk Company is full of experience. They use ORACLE and MSSQL, as well as the OLTP and OLAP methodologies. They also work with distributed processing architectures like Hadoop and other MPP database systems like Greenplum and Vertica, as the demand for scalability grows. They’re also interested in technologies like entity resolution and text mining. On our list, Verisk Information Technologies is Nepal’s leading IT firm.


  • Development of software and applications
  • Commercial operations support and virtual risk assessment
  • Data analysis, processing, and reporting
  • User experience design services (user interface)
  • IT and infrastructure support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • Software quality assurance and automated testing

Address: Hattisar Sadak 429, Kathmandu 44600

Phone: 01-4425600


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