Artificial Intelligence

  •                                 May 26 ,2019

Artificial Intelligence is one of the trending terms in the 21st century. The simple definition of Artificial Intelligence is embedding machines or computers, cognitive and problem-solving techniques like human beings. Siri, Self-driving cars, Speech recognition, and Face recognition are some of AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence is categorized into two different types according to their features – Weak AI and Strong AI. Weak AI is trained for a specific task. These AI does not have problem-solving techniques, Siri is one example of weak AI.

Strong AI is embedded with strong problem-solving techniques. So, when they encounter a problem, they find a particular solution for that. Popular companies like Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, and Google services offer AI cloud.

The basic mechanism of AI  is that they use the data pattern and the algorithm response according to that. People have a fear that if more and more AI applications are developed then one day machines will replace the work-life of humans, but the main goal of AI to make the services more convenient and improve them.

There are various types of AI according to their applications. Their categories can be divided into the following categories:

  • Type 1- Reactive machines
  • Type 2 – Limited Memory
  • Type 3 – Theory of Mind
  • Type 4 – Self Awareness

In the recent scenario, AI is used in many sectors. Some of the areas where AI is used are different technology. Various technology where AI is used are:

  • Robotics

Robotics is the field where AI is used frequently. Robotics makes the task easier and performs the task that humans can’t perform easily. AI robots are used in various industries and factories to make the task faster and easier.

  • Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are one of the best examples of AI. They use image recognition, deep learning, and deep learning to perform the task. They use the patterns to recognize the data and use it.

  • Automation

Automation is the process where the system performs automatically. For example, robotics can be used to perform various tasks and so as the software’s to perform the task accordingly.

  • Machine vision

This mechanism uses computers to capture the data. It recognizes the information using the camera, convert analog data into digital. These applications are also used in medical fields.

Famous programming languages like Python, Java, and C are used to make AI models. Please feel free to comment below or contact us for more information.

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