Affiliate Marketing in Nepal

  • May 01 ,2022

In Nepal, affiliate marketing is a strategy for promoting companies’ and businesses’ products and services while also earning passive revenue. Content providers such as bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers use this marketing method to make money.

However, affiliate marketing does not require you to be a content provider. Instead, you can promote your products using free platforms.

You can post affiliate links in your articles and the respective party will pay you for referrals. You can also use affiliate marketing to conduct sponsored adverts to promote the products.

Most Nepalese businesses and content creators are still ignorant of this marketing method. We hope to assist businesses, affiliate marketers, and creators in learning more about affiliate marketing in Nepal through this article.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Affiliate marketing is a means to make money by advertising other companies’ and businesses’ products and services.

Affiliates (individuals and businesses who promote products) are paid commissions for each sale or sign-up generated by their referrals. Affiliates can be thought of as online sales reps.

One of the most popular passive revenue streams for internet artists is affiliate marketing. However, what exactly is passive income?

Passive income is earned when you work on (or build) something once and then make money from it for an extended period. Moreover, it has no restrictions. You can profit from it indefinitely. As a result, passive income allows you to generate money while you sleep.

Is Affiliate Marketing Beneficial in Nepal?

This is a question that every Nepali blogger and marketer has. The world has changed dramatically. In Nepal’s affiliate marketing industry, there have been significant changes. You can see that affiliate marketing in Nepal is undergoing a dramatic transformation.

In Nepal, a competition for affiliates has also begun. You can establish an affiliate marketing business in Nepal with your audience, visitors, admirers, and consumers.

All you have to do now is create a blog in Nepal. In Nepal, several large organizations allow you to engage in affiliate marketing. Now, let’s go to Nepal’s most successful affiliate marketing firm without wasting any more time.

What are the Parties Involved in Affiliate Marketing?

There are essentially three parties engaged in the affiliate marketing process: the businessman, the affiliate, the clients, and the network, which is optional.

1. The Businessman

They are product creators, sellers, brands, producers, and vendors, among other things. The product and services are created or produced by this party. They could be large corporations such as CG Group, Khetan Group, Sarada Group, Himalayan Host, etc.

The affiliate marketing program’s merchant might be anyone. You require tangible or virtual products only.

2. The Affiliate

They’re commonly referred to as publishers. Moreover, they can range from a single person to an entire organization. By referring items and services to consumers, an Affiliate Marketer can earn hundreds of dollars in commission each month.

It is now a place where marketing is carried out.
An affiliate promotes one or more items and attempts to persuade his target audience to purchase them. This is commonly accomplished by posting affiliate links or writing a product review that includes affiliate links.

3. The Clients

They are sometimes referred to as Buyers or Customers who purchase a product after seeing an affiliate marketing or reading a review.

Moreover, in affiliate marketing, they are the essential parties. Affiliate marketing would be impossible without them because there is no commission if there are no sales. Consequently, there will be no revenue.

4. The Network

This is the affiliate marketing’s optional party. It is considered by some retailers to be a form of affiliate marketing.

The network is an intermediary between the merchant and the affiliate in foreign countries—for instance, Shareasale, CJ Affiliate, Clickbanks, and other affiliate networks.

However, in the context of affiliate marketing in Nepal, the network has yet to play a role because most businesses allow affiliate marketers direct access.

How Can You Get Started With Affiliate Marketing In Nepal?

You now have a basic idea of how this business makes money. So, here’s how to start an affiliate marketing business in Nepal, step by step:


Step 1: Decide Which Platform You Want To Use

To get started with affiliate marketing in Nepal, you’ll need to pick one or more online platforms where you can establish an audience and share content with them. The oldest and most effective affiliate marketing method is to create a blog or website to promote a product.

However, it is not necessary to construct a website. We can do marketing on any platform, including:

  • Website / Blog
  • YouTube Channel
  • Instagram
  • Telegram

Step 2: Choose a Topic and Begin Writing

Once you’ve chosen a platform, you’ll need to start sharing content, such as blog posts, images, and videos. However, for this, you must select a specialism. A niche is a subject or area you want to create content.

Choose a topic that others are interested in, a problem-solving solution, or a professional experience.

There are a variety of niches available, such as:

  • Photography
  • Motivation
  • Career
  • Education Tutorials
  • Home Decor
  • Finance

When choosing a topic, keep in mind your hobbies and how advantageous affiliate marketing could be in that industry. You should acquire information about affiliate programs relevant to that issue ahead of time.

Step 3: Join an Affiliate Marketing Program

You’ll need to put product specifics and an affiliate link in your article after picking a niche. For instance, you must join the Affiliate program to locate the product. Moreover, there are numerous affiliate network websites where you can sign up for an account on the Internet.

The following are some of Nepal’s most well-known affiliate networks:

  • Daraz
  • SastoDeal
  • DurbarMart
  • ClothingNepal
  • Gyapu MarketPlace
  • SaathiMart
  • HimalayanHost
  • PrabhuHost

According to Niche, once you’ve found the ideal product or service to promote, you should start spreading the word about it.

However, remember that you should never sell a product only to make money; instead, you should always promote things that will benefit your audience. Check out the product or service for yourself if at all possible.

Step 4: Disseminate your Affiliate Link

You must now include the affiliate link for the product you’ve chosen in your content. In your blog post you can include link, Instagram bio, Facebook profile or post, or the description of a YouTube video.

Moreover, you can promote affiliate links in a variety of ways on various social media networks, including:

  • Facebook Posts/Page and Groups
  • Telegram
  • Groups on Whatsapp
  • Instagram Post
  • Twitter Post

Affiliate marketing is best through a blog or website. You can build a blog, write articles for it, and link to the product through an affiliate link. Remember not to annoy people by asking them to buy the same product repeatedly. However, don’t just advertise your work; instead, constantly spread the material of others’.

Step 5: Boost Your Earnings by Bringing In More and More Visitors

You must drive more traffic to your chosen platform for your content to reach as many people as possible if you want to make more money.

For instance, start promoting your blog by learning about SEO and sharing it on social media if you have one. Moreover, you can even include advertisements if you like.

If you’re doing affiliate marketing on social media, concentrate on increasing your followers and reach. You can also pay for paid promotion if you want to put some money into it.


Moreover, in Nepal, there could be a slew of different affiliate schemes. However, only a few are genuine and worthwhile of your time and effort.

As we have stated, companies are missing out on significant business prospects by not including affiliate programs. Affiliate programs do not necessitate the existence of an e-commerce firm. You can also sell other services (such as software).

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