Influencer Marketing

  • Apr 24 ,2019

Basically, Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing through social media that focuses on advertisements and product descriptions from social media influencers who have a large social following and are supposed to be experts in their field. There should be at least three thousand followers to be an influencer. It works because social influencers have faith in their followers at a high level which is built with their followers by them and to potential customers of your brand.

What Actually is Influencer Marketing? 

Nowadays without influencer marketing in the form of some sort of social platform, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media. Influencers show their latest candles, snacks, clothes, or makeup brands everywhere you look, and it is just the start. influencers always find new ways to sponsor on their favorite platforms from traditional posts to Instagram’s popular stories to lengthy videos.  Talking about the cost for influencer marketing on average, it will be in the price range from $1000 to $18000 per month approximately.

If you are thinking about how influencer marketing works then here is the proper answer. Influential marketing employs leading creators of niche content to provide awareness of the brand, send your brand message to the targeted customers, and grow the traffic of your business. These creators of content already market your ideal audience across various channels to extend your access to your customers.

Influencer marketing is an essential component for promoting a company’s brand and building customer trust in your business. Most of the customers have a desire to purchase the product from a store that has a high reputation. so influencers are necessary for today’s business for marketing.

The company named ABSOLUT worked together with influencers agencies to produce a bunch of people and planet-centered influencer activations. The influence campaign was the gold winner for the campaign of the best food and drink at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2020. The main intention of the campaign was to grow social participation and impressions which lasted for over 8 months. Across social media mainly Twitter and Instagram, a number of experience-related events were conducted by the company. Workers have brought ABSOLUT’s commitments to the people and the planet to their fans and followers in a unique brand experience.

Influencer Marketing includes:

  • While launching a new product, sharing the campaigns of the brand
  • Giving the audience of the influencer a promo code due to which they can get a great deal
  • By being a partner with the influencer to make a co-branded campaign or product Launching events that your brand or influencer will attend
  • Reviews of your products on social media
  • Place your products in creative content
  • Supporting by donating products to influencers’ events and fundraisers Giveaways through suitable influencers’ platforms Creating content like blog posts, social media ads, and videos for your brand by using influencers.
  • Unboxing videos

Influencer Marketing Strategies

  • Identifying the influencers to work with

Influencers are bounded in the market nowadays, and new ones emerge on a daily basis which means you have an infinite number of options but not all of them will be appropriate for your business. So, you have to decide the influencer to collaborate with. If your company is small, influencer agencies can be helpful and you will have to make the decision yourself. Although the follower’s number is important, generally engagement rates and content of influencers matter the most.

  • Find the right social platforms

The majority of famous influencers merge content across many platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, etc. Every platform is suitable for various approaches, audiences, and formats and this should also inform your influencer marketing strategy. you should ask yourself: why do your targeted audience create a YouTube account? What your customer is expected to find on Facebook? Does your campaign fulfill your customer’s needs and reach their expectations?

For social platforms like TikTok, the content which is over-polished or hyper-branded should not be pushed by brands because it is a lighter and less serious area than the others. It also has younger users than any other platform. If you just want to focus on one platform and people like Millennials, Instagram is the first choice. It has a shopping feature that makes it easier and faster for your customers to buy things.

  • Working with micro-influencers

Although you may believe that having more followers brings better success, many brands including large businesses want to collaborate with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers may have 1,000 to 100,000 followers, which may not appear to be large enough. However, research says that they frequently have greater rates of interacting with followers and they are considered more trustworthy and relatable. They also have higher engagement rates than macro and mega-influencers.

By offering the public different giveaways, these influencers build trust and since they get something in return, their followers’ loyalty is almost fixed. People are more likely to believe influencers’ endorsements when they have a personal connection with them.

  • Be creative to stand out of the crowd

Creative thinking is always valuable, but it’s much more so in a crowded field like influencer marketing. While this method may have looked complete enough a few years ago, it is now widely accepted by audiences as it’s going on a competition nowadays. That’s why it is a challenging task to influence the audiences and thinking creatively is important. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed even more businesses into social media marketing, intensifying the competition.

  • Making strong bonds with the influencers

Do not miss out on any kind of opportunity to cooperate with an influencer once you’ve made a relationship with them. Rather than merely posting a photo to promote your product, have them make a video, include it in an interactive poll, or write a story about it. Invite the influencer to attend an event online or in-person and have them write content related to it. You can even ask them to work on upcoming projects, making them brand ambassadors in the future.


Finally, I want to tell you that on this page I have described influencer marketing and strategies for it. If you think I have missed out on something important then feel free to comment below. Good feedback will be appreciated.

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