Should Notebook Computers Replace Textbooks?

  • Feb 28 ,2019

Technology is increasing alarmingly, we perform most of the tasks by using the computer. Computers make our life easier. It is faster, reliable, and updated. On the other hand, the use of textbooks has been for ages, and it provides strategic learning. Now the thing is, what’s more convenient? Should notebook computers replace textbooks?
Let’s discuss should notebook computers replace textbooks? with the pros and cons of notebooks and textbooks.

Pros of Textbooks

1. Textbooks offer strategic learning. It is published, to make the reader understand from the basics and then to a high level. So, it is easy to understand the information.

2. The use of reading books goes hand-in-hand with writing notes. When you jot down something there is a high probability to remember that thing. Therefore, it helps to boost memory power.

3. Reading books keeps motivated to learn since there are no other distractions in a book.

Cons of Textbooks

1. The information published in the textbooks may be outdated.

2. Carrying notebooks and copies to school is troublesome and many students suffer back pain.

3. Thousands of trees are cut down to make papers for textbooks.

Now here are the Pros and Cons of Notebook Computers:

Pros of Notebook Computers

1. Notebook computers offer you updated information. We can get updated information by searching through various sites on the internet.

2. Access to the latest technology is one of the important features of a Notebook computer. We can use the latest technology used in learning which broadens our knowledge.

3. Learning with the help of computers shapes our future. Since most of the industries use computers for their task, it is easy to get a job.

4. Notebook computers offer vast knowledge. We can get tons of information from various websites.

5. Using notebooks, computers saves a lot of Papers – which are made by cutting down the trees.

6. Using Notebooks computers make learning faster and students don’t feel bored.

Cons of Notebook Computers

1. Buying a notebook computer is not possible for everyone. They are expensive and not every parent can afford this for their children.

2. Children don’t focus on the study when they use computers. They may spend time internet surfing or playing games.

3. The overuse of computers has negative effects on our bodies like headaches, eye vision problems.

I believe that textbooks and notebook computers have equal values in our life. Some of us prefer reading textbooks and some of us don’t. The use of these things should be according to time and demand. There should be equal opportunity for students to use computers and textbooks and make learning accessible and favorable to everyone. 

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