Education Is The Best Weapon To Fight Against Poverty

  •                                 May 18 ,2019

Poverty is the state of destitution. Education provides your skills. Education is one of the most powerful weapons which you can use to change the world. When you have a skill, people pay you for that. There comes the importance of Education. Education provides you opportunities for a job not only that it is aware you and make you understand the need and demands of the people, create a job for own and for others. Hence, Education is the best weapon to fight against reducing poverty.

Stories of millions are there, who were very poor and living in extreme poverty and after they got a good education system and gained skills and ideas, they started earning and improved their life. Education leads people to develop skills which will obviously help to reduce poverty and make them rich from the poor. It’s not always about formal education like going to college, school, or getting a degree and then getting a suitable job. The education system is about making them aware of the people what they can do. It can be done through training or taking informal classes. I remember Kamal Bahadur dai in our village. Before starting his own business, he was very poor, had to do a lot of hardships to feed his family, now he is making good money from fish farming.

The turning point was the fish farming training that he took 1 year back. He was so thrilled about the idea and started his own business. Now he has trained others and provided job opportunities to many villagers. Another case is of Ful Maya didi, she was an hourly wage worker in fields. After she got training in vegetable farming, she started her own business, now she is having a good lifestyle and making good money. One of my friends Ram, who is a doctor now, is from a very low-income family. I vividly remember he had barely any money to pay the school fee and college. It was the NGO that helped him throughout his study, to pay for his school or university fee. He was very diligent and later got an MBBS degree. Now he has a good lifestyle. It was not possible without having a good education.

Education is directly related to economic growth insofar as it is essential to improve human capital. The main motive of education is to make people aware. Making aware of society’s good and bad aspects, making aware about them what they can do. Providing them with the knowledge and skills, so that they can have a better life. So now we all know why Education is the best weapon to fight against poverty.

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