Education Is The Best Weapon To Fight Against Poverty

  • May 18 ,2019

Poverty is the state of deprivation. Education provides your skills. Education is one of the most powerful weapons you can use to change the world. When you have a skill, people pay you for that. There comes the importance of education. Education provides you opportunities for a job and makes you understand the needs and demands of the people. It also creates a job for yourself and others. Hence, education is the best weapon to fight against reducing poverty.

Importance of Quality Education

Stories of millions are there who were very poor and living in extreme poverty, and after they got a sound education system and gained skills and ideas, they started earning and improved their life. Education leads people to develop skills that will help reduce poverty and make them wealthy from the poor.

It is not always about formal education like going to college, school, or getting a degree and then getting a suitable job. The education system is about making them aware of what they can do. It can be done through training or taking informal classes. I remember Kamal Bahadur dai in our village. Before starting his own business, he was destitute and had to do many hardships to feed his family. Now he is making good money from fish farming.

The turning point was the fish farming training he took one year back. He was so thrilled about the idea and started his own business. Now he has trained others and provided job opportunities to many villagers. Another case is of Ful Maya didi. She was an hourly wage worker in the fields. After she got training in vegetable farming, she started her own business. Now she is having a good lifestyle and making good money.

One of my friends, Ram, a doctor now, is from a very low-income family. I vividly remember he had barely any money to pay the school fee and college. The NGO helped him throughout his study to pay for his school or university fee. He was very diligent and later got an MBBS degree. Now he has a good lifestyle. It is not possible without having a good education.

Education is directly related to economic growth as it is essential to improve human capital. The main motive of education is to make people aware of society’s good and bad aspects, making them aware of what they can do—providing them with the knowledge and skills to have a better life. So now we all know why education is the best weapon to fight against poverty.

Education as a Source of Earnings and Economic Growth

Of course, income is a significant element in poverty. According to records, having a primary education (that is, reading, writing, and math skills) has a favorable impact on one’s income as well as “increasing the rate of return on the economy.” Those with a greater level of education have a better chance of acquiring better jobs with higher pay. You can achieve a ten percent income increase with just one year of education. More money equates to better, more nutritious food, sanitation, improved healthcare, and improved housing.

Children who attend school and gain both critical skills and abilities will one day obtain better professions. As their income rises, they consume more goods and products, which benefits businesses. As a result, demand for more items rises, creating more jobs and assisting growth. These and other reforms will be critical in ending poverty around the world.

Education Is The Key To A Better World

Education is the most valuable resource to change the world. It allows us to better understand the world in which we live. We have become more aware of our surroundings due to our schooling. We look at things from various viewpoints, not just the one they tell us about. Education binds us together as a species and brings us closer together.

Education serves as a link for us to science and technology. It helps us comprehend what the great advances of humanity have been and why we are who we are now, among many other disciplines. Without going any farther, the present situation in the world serves as proof. It demonstrates how critical it is to preserve strong scientific and medical technological foundations.

Generally, education aids in the formation of good human beings who will contribute to the transformation of the world via knowledge instead of violence. Those who educate must have the desire and hope for a better future.

A Good Education Is Essential For Success

The basis of every successful career is a solid education. Education is the process of transmitting skills, knowledge, and values to students in a formal environment and assessing their knowledge to see how far they have progressed. Education helps to find a good job and have a great career.

Yes, education is the key to success: education makes us aware of the knowledge, skills, and ethics in the world, which we learn as we progress and improve. We cannot read or write without education, which means we will be deprived of essential information and insight to help us achieve great success.

Every person is born with a set of characteristics, abilities, thoughts, and creativity. But none of this is worthwhile unless it is accompanied by good knowledge, which we may obtain through formal education at a school, college, or university. These institutions offer us the learning to stay competitive in the professional world.

Without question, hard work is required for success, but it will be in vain if it is not accompanied by education. With education, people become more aware of the world and themselves, and when you understand your strengths, you can easily pick the right career path.

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    Now I know the benefit of education to me as someone who is still in school today

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