cPanel Price hike shocks their users all over the world

  •                                 Sep 01 ,2019

One of the most famous Web Hosting Control Panel software, cPanel has announced an increase in their prices from September 1st, 2019. You can learn more about cPanel price in the letter from cPanel’s CEO, Nick Konston.

The price increase news from cPanel was shocking for everybody in the industry. Especially for clients, as at the end of the day, any kind of hosting service powered by cPanel control panel will be increased. For all cPanel partners, including Ultrabyte as well, this price increase was anyhow expected. As it’s been a while since cPanel did any increase in their fees, and they made huge improvements in their software. Altho we think the main reason for the increase is the most recent Investment in cPanel from Oakley Capital. By moving to a per cPanel Account model, cPanel plans to provide its user with the tools to more effectively use a finite amount of computing resources, and only be billed for the number of cPanel accounts that users have.

Is this good or bad, how it will reflect on the future of cPanel and the Hosting industry, we are not going to elaborate or predict in this article. Let’s just say: “time will show”.  Ultrabyte was always dedicated to providing the most flexible licensing fees for the most popular software, it will remain like that with new cPanel packages and fees as well. So let’s dig into facts and numbers.

The new name of License Plans

cPanel for VPS Hosting is now named “Cloud“. cPanel for Dedicated Server is now named “Metal“. Besides the new name, each Cloud and Metal license will now have multiple tiers that are based on “account level” fees.

New license tiers explained

  • cPanel Admin Cloud, up to 5 Accounts
  • cPanel Pro Cloud, up to 30 Accounts
  • cPanel Plus Cloud, up to 50 Accounts
  • cPanel Premier Cloud, up to 100 Accounts
  • cPanel Premier Cloud Bulk Accounts, Each Account above 100 Accounts
  • cPanel Premier Metal, up to 100 Accounts
  • cPanel Premier Metal Bulk Accounts, Each Account above 100 Accounts

cPanel has prepared the price per each additional account as a “flexible” rate or “fixed” upgrade of accounts to some numbers. Ultrabyte will implement fixed rates in slots of 50 accounts. In a regular offer, we will have up to 500 Accounts, in case you need more accounts, it will be arranged additionally. A flexible rate of accounts is possible only for clients with a contract in place. cPanel also announced that they will add a new 50 account “Plus” package available at Partner pricing for USD 25/month to Cloud offering for customers who aren’t quite ready for a 100 account+ Premier license.

In general, we will do our best to avoid the increase in fees for our clients. However, for some services, we will be forced to increase the fee to cover our license costs. Business Web Hosting fees won’t be increased due to this change in cPanel pricing. However, for some VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server clients who are using cPanel, we will have to increase the subscription fee from the next billing cycle, depending on the number of their cPanel accounts. Those clients will be informed via email in the upcoming period. Will your Hosting price increase?

In case you have any further questions, concerns, or simply need a better elaboration of all of this, please do not hesitate to Contact Us. 

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