Advantages of Text Messaging in Business

  • Mar 01 ,2019

SMS marketing or text messaging is one of the most effective marketing tools in business but most of the business companies seem to ignore this strategy.

Benefits of Text Messaging in Business

So, in this article, we are going to enlighten the advantages of text messaging in business which will instantly help to enhance the exposure of the business in the market.

1. High Open Rate than Email

Business experts are more focused on expanding their business through email. They send their business idea or product details to people’s emails, but most of the people don’t open their email, in addition, this technique is not efficient if the client does not have internet access. Here comes the use of SMS marketing, when you send an SMS to a person there is very little chance that it is not seen by the hi. So, this strategy is very efficient to tell people about their own business.

2. Cost-effective

SMS marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies where you can spend little and showcase your business to many clients and it becomes cheaper when you send SMS to the bulk of people. SMS marketing is considered to be very cheap as a comparison to Facebook ads and ads on other sites or blogs.

3. Mobile-friendly

Most of the people in the world have access to mobile phones these days. They mostly prefer to surf the internet via their phone, so there is a very high chance that people may visit your Companies website by that SMS. This strategy is mobile friendly as there is a common platform to send or receive SMS on all the cell phones.  There is no specific skill required to send SMS.

4. Simple to Use

Simple to use is one of the most effective strategies of SMS marketing. All you have to do is generate a short and exciting SMS, and send it to people, groups, or mass of people. Anyone can do and no need to hire a professional and spend money on digital marketing experts.

5. Very Useful for Startup

The advantages of text messaging in business are useful when you are a Startup and don’t have enough investment to spend on ads. You can target a specific audience and promote your business, product, and ideas. This can help to attract customers who are interested in new ideas.

6. High Conversion Rate

A study has shown that SMS marketing attracts more clients and clients are willing to know about our company and product. There is also more chance of receiving a response from the clients.

7. No Spam

This strategy is Spam free, as there is no chance that a written text contains any virus or malicious code. And apart from smartphone users, SMS can be sent to the people who own a simple phone. There are very cases of SPAM in SMS marketing.

8. Instant Delivery

SMS can be sent instantly and there is no long procedure. As long as people have access to the mobile network, SMS can reach them in a very short time in any corner of the world. 

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